Boarder Training Programs

Boarder and Half-Boarder Training Programs

Some horse owners choChloe Bromontose to half-lease their horses to another rider with each person paying half of the monthly expenses. Both boarders and ‘half-boarders’ receive discounted lessons.

  • All boarders and half-boarders must take a minimum of 4 group lessons per month which is included in the price of board.
  • Additional sets of four (4) lessons can be booked at a further discounted rate.
  • Private lessons may be booked in addition to group lessons, but not instead of the groups.
  • Training programs are tailored to suit individual needs.

Boarder Lesson Rates




Group lesson package
*included in board



Additional group package               (same as 2013 rates)



Private lesson package










Schooling_MG_4506 (2)

Boarded horses can be schooled by one of the trainers, upon request.