Competition Program




Chloe WCPStudents who chose to compete are welcomed to the Westar Show Team where they continue their education with our classical training approach.  Riders with similar abilities and competitive goals are matched in group lessons where they further develop their advanced equitation skills. We encourage ‘videoing’ of rides at home and at shows so they can ‘see’ their own strengths and areas for improvement.

Marissa Azura pep 15Show Team members are also trained in short and long-term goal setting to enhance their performance skills. This includes the plotting of their show season as well as athletic conditioning for the rider and horse to meet the rigors of their sport. Once the season is underway, their show ring strategies are continuously reviewed and tweaked.

Our Westar Show Team action plan guarantees that every rider will develop to the very best of their abilities within a well structured and supportive environment.

The 2017 Show Schedule lists all the shows Westar plans to attend over the 2017 show season. Different groups of students compete at the progressive competitive levels from the Skills Development series hosted right here at Westar, up to Bronze (regional), Trillium or Silver (provincial) and Gold or A circuit (national level) shows. More shows may be added to the list as the season progresses. The progressive process allows students to gain experience and confidence before stepping up to the next level, should that be their goal. There is a lot of fun and plenty of variety at each of the levels.


regionals 2015 Chlo, Mar, Jeff

Chloe Parker (left) and Marissa Frodsham (right) at the CET Equitation Medal Atlantic Regional Finals in 2015.

Coaching at shows is available to students who train and/or board at Westar as well as those who ship in for lessons. Coaching may be available to students not in a regular lesson program on a case-by-case basis depending on coach’s time availability.





Trailering/Trucking of Horses



Trailering can be booked to horse shows, clinics or other activities and events.