Other Services

Clipping, Trimming and Braiding Services

Horses can be clipped (trace, body, blanket clip etc.) or trimmed (legs, ears, face, mane pull etc.) as requested and braiding for horse shows is available.


Administration of Herd Health and Blacksmith Visits

Westar Farms employs the services of a ‘farm vet’ — Ottawa Valley Large Animal Clinic (OVLAC) Dr. Larry Butler DVM — and a ‘farm blacksmith’, Terry Osborne.

Boarders are welcome to use any vet or blacksmith they may choose.

As part of the boarding service, Westar coordinates and books all regular inoculations, bi-monthly worming, teeth floating and any other routine herd health maintenance visits on behalf of its boarders using the services of OVLAC. We also book the regular blacksmith visits for those using Terry Osborne who provides regular services on a weekly basis. Horses are presented for the vet and blacksmith by Westar staff.