Our Horses

Our Horses and Ponies

School Ponies-1 At Westar Farms, we have a great cross-section of experienced school horses and ponies for our beginner and novice riders as well as show quality and ‘greener’ horses and ponies on which the more experienced riders hone their skills.

Certain Westar-owned and boarded horses are half-leased to riders for either pleasure or show ring purposes (or both!) and some are available for practice rides giving riders a chance to practice the skills learned in lessons.



Some of our fine horses and ponies who help introduce new riders to the love of horses include: Abby, Barbie, Candy, Damon, Maya, Rango, Skye and Sunny.

For our intermediate and advanced equestrians: Candy, Damon, Georgie, Holly, Jack, Jackson, Maya, Mikey, Roo, Skye, Star and Stormy

Most of our school horses and some of the boarded horses are available for part-lease or practice rides. Go to our Leases page to find out how you can get more riding time.