Lessons Programs

Beginner Lunge Lessons

4 lessons per month: $225 + hst

LukelungeBeginners start in the fully supervised lunge lesson program on the experienced school horses and ponies, with a one-on-one teacher/student ratio. Students graduate to a group lesson when they can confidently walk and trot off the lunge line and have experienced cantering on and off the lunge line.

  •  Weekly 45 minute sessions
  • Learn the basics of safety, horse care, grooming, tacking up,
    and how to start, stop and steer while mounted.

Trinity Steph Chloe FUN1


Mini Groups

4 lessons per month: $225 + hst

Mini groups are a stepping stone for pairs of riders between the lunge lesson program and group lessons

  • Weekly sessions ~ 30 minutes riding plus fully supervised grooming and tacking/untacking 

Group Lessons 

4 Lessons per month: $215 + hst

Novice Group Lessons

  • One-hour group sessions with 4-5 riders
  • Fully supervised grooming, tacking and untacking and in-barn learning
  • Students work on both group and individual exercises to learn new skills
  • Additional group lesson packages are available at a discounted rate and private lessons may be added

When riders are comfortable trotting and cantering in the group lesson, they are introduced to working over poles set on the ground and from there they progress to small jumps and then graduate to intermediate lessons. In the novice program students arrive approximately 30 minutes before the prescribed lesson time to groom and tack their horses under staff supervision. They spend another 20 – 30 minutes after the ride, getting the horse and equipment cleaned and put away. This gives them the shared experience with the horses and ponies as well as other riders in the lesson.


Intermediate and Advanced Group Lessons

Some riders choose to continue to improve their skills in the recreational or school program while others may prefer to work towards competition. Progression in both streams is based on the same solid foundation. Riders with similar goals and abilities are grouped together and lessons are tailored to meet those goals.

Boarder Lessons & TrainingMariss home

Boarders participate in the Intermediate and Advanced Group Programs or Competitive Program.

  • Boarders receive lesson and training discounts.
  • Private lessons available to riders in the group lesson programs.
  • Schooling as requested by our professional rider for horses that need extra training occasionally or on a regular basis.